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With a completely individual approach to the pricing structure of a home, Visual Diversity Homes starts pricing with a fully inclusive price known as “Visual Complete” (including an allocation for a “H1” class site) and then removes any items that you may wish to do yourself.

Items such as a driveway, paths, blinds, letterbox, fencing or landscaping etc.

In doing this, you will know the real cost of the home that is fully finished or “Visual Complete” rather than the “everything is an extra” policy adopted by many unscrupulous competitors.

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Visual Diversity Homes understands the importance of knowing where you stand when you are attempting to manage the budget for your new home.

That is why Visual Diversity Homes chooses to price all plans as a fully finished “Visual Complete”home first up. This enables you to analyse your budget accurately knowing you can live in the home as soon as it is completed without having to find any additional funds.

If you wish you can choose to remove items of the build you may wish to do yourself, enabling you to make an educated decision on what the real saving will be doing it yourself.

After all, if you have the courage to take this amazing step, you deserve to have all the accurate “apples for apples”information you require.