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With a fast approval process and accelerated drafting service we can help move you through all of the many preliminary stages and help ensure your new home is ready to move into as soon as it humanly possible without unnecessary delays.

1 .Choosing your land

When it comes to the selection of a block of land Visual Diversity Homes can help in selecting a suitable block for what you require. This way you know your block will suit the style of home and your lifestyle demand. Visual Diversity Homes also has access to land through various developers we work with.

2. Determine your price

Visual Diversity Homes all inclusive pricing structure known as “Visual Complete means once we have inspected your block of land we can supply a fully detailed letter of offer showing the inclusions within your home, along with conceptual drawings of your floor plan, facade and electrical layout. A preliminary deposit will only be required if there are significant changes to the plan or your site is determined to be a difficult site.

3. Starting your building process

At this point a building contract is signed with a fixed price figure for the construction of your new home. Along with this you will also sign off on preliminary plans and the detailed specification of your inclusions.

4. Finance approval

If you are financing through a lending institution you will then require “finance approval”. This consists of your lending institution completing the appropriate valuations and approvals of the plans and providing Visual Diversity Homes with a formal letter stating that you are approved for construction.

5. Building approval

At this point Visual Diversity Homes will engage a certifier to gain the necessary approvals to construct your home. We will also engage an engineer to soil test and design the foundations and a surveyor to prepare a survey report of your land.

6. Colour Selection

As soon as you have obtained finance approval our colour consultant will contact you and arrange a suitable time to meet and finalise your colour selection. The Visual Diversity Homes colour consultant will assist you to find the right colour scheme for your home. The selection process will be done at our offices where all of your options are readily available and can be viewed in an accurate environ.

7. Construction

Once all approvals are obtained, Visual Diversity Homes will commence construction of your new home within 30 working days of receiving the final approval. Your home will be allocated with a Job / Site manager who will be your initial point of contact moving forward from this point. The building process will be allocated to one of our highly experienced supervisors. This person will be in charge of all trades specialists on your site and help ensure a smooth building process and regular communication will be maintained with you during the build process.

8. Practical completion

Within ten (10) working days prior to the completion of your home you will be contacted for a pre-handover walk–through. At this point you will also have the opportunity to raise any concerns you have and to determine an appropriate date for the finalisation of funds and the handing over of the keys. Any issues from the walk-through are then addressed and an independent inspector is engaged to give an independent report on your home.

9. Handover

Your Visual Diversity Homes job manager will meet you at your newly constructed home to present you with the keys and walk through all of the finer details and unique elements that may need to be addressed. At this time, they will take you through your new home to ensure you also understand all the inclusions.

10. Period of time for construction

The Period of construction from commencement of slab until issue of practical completion notice can obviously and understandably vary as a result of many external influences out of ours and your control, however our team of highly experienced professionals can help ensure the fast route possible is always the journey to your new home’s completion. Build times can also vary with alterations of plans and 2 storey homes, duplexes. Extreme weather conditions such as Queensland’s tropical cyclones and heavy rain periods are influential on build times. Guaranteed build times exclude notified any extensions of time notified during the building process. Please note that any overdue payments will also influence any build time commitments and guarantees.